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19th November 2010

6:36pm: Vintage travel trailer

We recently bought an old travel trailer and we're in the process of fixing it up. Check out our progress at http://www.oinkety.com.
Today we're trying to choose some fabric and flooring.
Fabric ideas for 1970's era travel trailer.
Go directly to http://oinkety.com/?p=2263 for more about this!

28th October 2010

5:44pm: Hey!

So, I guess I've abandoned the ole LJ. Mostly I post to Facebook and my  blog I have with dangermike at www.oinkety.com
We recently won third place as well as editor's choice for best local blog in the Colorado Springs Independent.
So be sure to bookmark that site and comment over there!

31st August 2010

9:37am: Please vote for Pink Kitty Studios

The Colorado Springs Independent is doing their annual Best Of The Springs. Today is the last day to vote. You need to vote in 15 categories in order for your ballot to be counted. You'll also be entered in a drawing to win an iPad! I know some of you don't live in Colorado but it would be super awesome if you'd vote anyway. To make it easier, we've compilled our favorite things in 15 categories. in addition to Pink Kitty Studios for Best Photographer, Best Naughty Business, and Best Place to Buy a Thoughtful, Over The Top Gift. You can see all our other choices and get the link to vote here: http://oinkety.com/?p=1307

Thank you, everyone! 

23rd July 2010

5:16pm: computer people
What's the deal with all the different kinds of processors nowadays? I need a new desktop and hope to spend about $550 for it (this should eliminate any "get a mac" comments, thanks). I don't need a monitor. I mainly do photoshop, web, streaming music, and email. That's really about it. I need speed for the photoshop stuff and lots of storage would be great but I also have a couple of external harddrives I can use when the main one gets full. Do I need a better video card or graphics whatever they call it nowadays?

They have this one at the local computer shop for $499.


What do you think? Is it junk?

I like my acer netbook, altho it crashed twice in the first two months I owned it. But it's been fine since then (last year).

Thanks in advance.

21st July 2010

8:10pm: More Pics!
Updates over at Oinkety:

If you have any comments post them here or there!

11th July 2010

7:43pm: Some stuff I've done lately
Lots of pics so they're behind a cut.
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16th June 2010

10:27pm: Kind Of Like An Update
It's easier for me to make individual posts sometimes, so I put them over at Oinkety
So, if you want to, go check them out!
Here's some of what is going on over there.


26th May 2010

5:43pm: Lots of Pics
Well, I guess I haven't updated in a couple weeks. So here goes.
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12th May 2010

3:38pm: Lots of new posts
Go check out what we've been up to at Oinkety.

I've been cooking and we've been going out to restaurants and bars:

There's some before and after of our apartment:

And some of the silly and fun stuff we've been up to:

PJ is really sick and may not make it much longer, poor little guy. I'll have more about that and some other stuff we've been doing later or next week.

29th April 2010

1:23am: Ok, please vote!
You can vote for us now here- but only for 24 hours, so hurry!
Thank you!

28th April 2010

3:49pm: Small Cool Contest

Our first competition in the Apartment Therapy Small Cool Contest is tomorrow. I think we might be able to beat the one we're up against this round. Please vote for us if you agree! I'm not sure exactly what time the voting starts, but I'll let you know as soon as I do. Thanks in advance!

25th April 2010

8:21pm: Small Cool Contest
Somehow we managed to qualify for the Apartment Therapy Small Cool Contest we asked you to vote for us in the other day. Thank you for voting for us- we never would have made it without you! We came in 16th out of 16- we're underdogs! The next round of competition starts tomorrow so stay tuned for more vote begging!

24th April 2010

8:20pm: OMG, it's been forever.
So instead of posting like a million pictures, I'm going to post some photos and then include links to
where there are longer posts on each subject. Exciting! Maybe you'll even comment over there!
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21st April 2010

9:53am: Please vote for me!
We entered our apartment in this contest on Apartment Therapy which if you haven't seen it, is a blog about making your apartment a cool place to live.

They're doing the elimination round now. The top 16 entires get to be in the contest next week. So please go give us a "thumbs up" if you think we deserve it! You'll need to register but it's quick and easy and they don't ask you a million questions. Hurry because you only have 48 hours before voting on our house is closed. Thank you and please pass this link on to anyone who might be interested.

Thank you!

10th April 2010

3:49pm: Mean Kenny
Anyone see Kenny on Oprah yesterday? I'm watching it now and am perplexed by his outfit. Is he going to his office job after the show? Seriously, did your mama dress you?

5th April 2010

10:29pm: White trash comedy confuses me.

27th March 2010

3:26pm: I took this picture, TMZ!

The one in the bathtub. They can't steal it from me, can they?

23rd March 2010

7:53pm: Pics
Behind the cut!
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16th March 2010

11:33pm: Back to the Pic Posts!
I know you've all missed my thrilling picture posts. Well, they're back so have a good time.
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19th February 2010

10:46am: What Tiger Woods really wants to say

Tiger Woods press conference today was pathetic.

This is what he should have said:

Look, I like pussy. I'm rich, I'm good looking, I'm talented. Chicks dig me. I never should have gotten married and had kids. I'm sorry for that. So, I'm going to get a divorce and chase tail until I run out of money. Then maybe I'll go back to golf. Thank you.


14th February 2010

8:35pm: Pic Post
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That's all for now! maybe when the weather warms up I'll be able to post a FEW more things besides just the food I've made!

18th January 2010

8:51pm: Big Ole Pic Post
There are NINETY pics, so they're behind a cut.

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17th January 2010

11:35am: Computer question
Hey all you smarty pants computer people:

So my harddrive is broken on my desktop computer. I took it in to be repaired and they got all the data off it and onto my external harddrive. I was also able to turn it on and it sort of works. It's still mostly broken, tho. It has some weird version of windows, the desktop is all wonky, Flash websites won't work and I am unable to install it or any other programs, and the guy said it is probably going to crash again soon. I just need a new harddrive.

BUT, this thing is like 10 years old so I am hesitant to put a new one in because I'm afraid it will be a waste of money because other things might start to go wrong. Also I have the netbook that I have been mostly using for everything except photo editing.

He has a nice, big, good harddrive, but the rest of his system is sorta old and junky
(less RAM than I have, a celeron processor which is crap, a less good soundcard, etc).

Sooooooooooooooo I was thinking, can I just put his harddrive in my computer? We can just share the computer at that point.

How do I go about figuring out if his harddrive will work in my computer? And then, how do I install it? I am pretty sure I've installed a harddrive before but it was back in the stone ages of computers when things weren't as compliczted as they are now. Of course both these computers are actually from the stone ages so maybe it'll be the same.

I could also take it to the computer guys and they can do it for $75 but I'd rather DIY it and save the cash.

Edit: I think I got the answer from the googles: they say you can't just swap out a harddrive because WinXP boots on the original machine and remembers all the hardware (motherboard, etc) and won't boot if put onto another machine. Does that sound right? How about if we switch the RAM, soundcard, and processor from mine to his? Are the processor and motherboard dependent on each other?

I realize this sounds like a lot of work, especially for computers that are so old. But I am really trying to save money and don't want to buy a brand new computer right now. Especially since I really only use the desktop for the photo editing now. DM has a Droid phone and uses that pretty much for everything he does. Once these computers die, we probably won't be replacing them with other desktops so we're just trying to cobble them together to keep them hobbling along awhile longer.

Thanks in advance!
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