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Computer question

Hey all you smarty pants computer people:

So my harddrive is broken on my desktop computer. I took it in to be repaired and they got all the data off it and onto my external harddrive. I was also able to turn it on and it sort of works. It's still mostly broken, tho. It has some weird version of windows, the desktop is all wonky, Flash websites won't work and I am unable to install it or any other programs, and the guy said it is probably going to crash again soon. I just need a new harddrive.

BUT, this thing is like 10 years old so I am hesitant to put a new one in because I'm afraid it will be a waste of money because other things might start to go wrong. Also I have the netbook that I have been mostly using for everything except photo editing.

He has a nice, big, good harddrive, but the rest of his system is sorta old and junky
(less RAM than I have, a celeron processor which is crap, a less good soundcard, etc).

Sooooooooooooooo I was thinking, can I just put his harddrive in my computer? We can just share the computer at that point.

How do I go about figuring out if his harddrive will work in my computer? And then, how do I install it? I am pretty sure I've installed a harddrive before but it was back in the stone ages of computers when things weren't as compliczted as they are now. Of course both these computers are actually from the stone ages so maybe it'll be the same.

I could also take it to the computer guys and they can do it for $75 but I'd rather DIY it and save the cash.

Edit: I think I got the answer from the googles: they say you can't just swap out a harddrive because WinXP boots on the original machine and remembers all the hardware (motherboard, etc) and won't boot if put onto another machine. Does that sound right? How about if we switch the RAM, soundcard, and processor from mine to his? Are the processor and motherboard dependent on each other?

I realize this sounds like a lot of work, especially for computers that are so old. But I am really trying to save money and don't want to buy a brand new computer right now. Especially since I really only use the desktop for the photo editing now. DM has a Droid phone and uses that pretty much for everything he does. Once these computers die, we probably won't be replacing them with other desktops so we're just trying to cobble them together to keep them hobbling along awhile longer.

Thanks in advance!
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