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Behind the cut!

This week we did a few things. None of this is in order!

Mountain Brew Espresso. I had a chicken salad sandwich. It was pretty good.

But DM had an egg salad sandwich. I love egg salad, why didn't I have that? Hrmmm.

DM made a longer post about the place on our blog.

Our house is for sale. it's a 4-plex and we want to buy it. But the landlord is asking about $150,000 more than it's worth. Doh.

Anyhow I was browsing around the public library website where they have a special collections area. I typed in our street name into the newspaper archives and lo and behold there it was. It was an article from 1936 about an estate sale of a prominent women who had died here at our address! So that got me all curious and I started doing more research on her. It's pretty easy to do research here because the two libraries and a museum are only a few blocks away. The cemetery where just about everyone who's ever died here is buried is only a couple miles away. We went to the library a couple times and then to the cemetary, and I've also been looking online. We've found TONS of stuff about this chick and about the neighborhood back when it first began in the late 1880s. Anyhow, here she is. The first picture is from the Colorado Springs Daughters Of The American Revolution website.

The second is from a book about representative Colorado women that I found in the archives of the library at UC Berkeley of all places. As you can see from the text she was a typical Colorado Springs-ian! I'll write more about her and our search sometime soon. It's interesting as is but will be even more fun if we do ever get to buy the place. Ha Ha.

Here are the graves of Emma and her husband Charles in Evergreen Cemetery. They had no kids and no close relatives but were kinda famous here. Her obituary was on the front page of The Gazette when she died!

While we were at the cemetery we came across this reallllly old part! It's a big field that's probably full of graves but very few headstones remain and those that do are pretty wrecked up.

Ok, back to food! Starbucks has these breakfast wraps now. We were hungry but wanted something quick so we shared a huevos rancheros one the other day. It was pretty good, not the greatest thing ever but it was only like $3 and it held us over till lunch.

For lunch we went to Il Vicino. It's a yummy woodfired pizza place. It's a chain, there are lots of them, but it's good. Even better we had a coupon from The Indy so we got one of the entrees for free.

I love their pizzas but I always have them so this time I tried a sandwich (panino spuntino). It was good but I should have had a pizza!

DM had the penne alfredo which was also baked in the oven. MMMMM. Now THAT was tasty! There's nutritional info on the website but I'm scared to look at it!

If we ever go for dinner, I'll have a glass of wine. It looks good and well priced. I think my days of drinking during the day are over, tho which is why I didn't have any this time. Boo hoo, poor me.

We were also too full for dessert but wanted to bring some of their root beer home to make root beer floats later. But they were out of the to go jugs. Doh.

Luckily Phantom Canyon is right around the corner. They also make their own root beer. We got a growler of it for like $9 including the jug.


PJ the cat is still with us. It's been over a year since he was diagnosed with the dire disease. So, we're pretty happy he's still around.

He wasn't sure he wanted to go out this day.

But Cookie Puss did. He is so fluffy and even has fluffy feet so he doesn't mind the snow.

We also had to dog sit DM's mom's funny little dog. He's super ancient and blind and deaf and a big old scaredy. Poor little doggie.

This week I also showed my mom's friend Richard around Colorado Springs.
We did a bunch of stuff but I only have one picture!
The weather was nice, it was about 50 degrees. It was a little overcast for part
of the time but later on the sun came out and it was pretty.

First we went to the Van Briggle pottery studio.
They're a famous oldey timey pottery place but I'd never been before. They make
vases and all that as well as tiles and stuff. Many of the big old homes here
have Van Briggle fireplaces and it's a big deal. We got a tour of the studio
which was neat and of course interesting to me seeing as how I'm a ceramics
maker and all that (hee hee). Richard bought a piece because he collects it, as
well as come stuff for his friends in Canon City.

Then we went to Rico's for lunch.
Richard had an avocado cheese sandwich and I had some veggie quiche and a
side salad. It was delish.

Then we drove over to Old Colorado City.

it's a historical area with all kinds of neat old buildings. We didn't get
out of the car, but it was fun to look at the old buildings from the car.

Then we went up to Manitou It was
odd. Manitou is kind of odd.
He liked the old downtown. We didn't get out of the car again, tho.

Then we drove thru Garden Of The Gods.
It was late afternoon and the light was really pretty. We stopped a few times to take some pictures.

After that we went to Sodo (South Of Downtown) to Shugas which is a cafe/bar in
an old general store building. It's really neat. We had yummy coffees and cakes. I had double chocolate cake and he had almond butter cake. Here's the one and only picture I took that day.

After that we drove thru the Old North End Historic Preservation Overlay Zone to
look at all the old mansions.

We wanted to do a couple other things but ran out of time.
So that's all!
Be sure and check out our blog at www.oinkety.com and make some comments!
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