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More Pics

Dinner! I wrote a thrilling post about it over on Oinkety.

This is the crazy weather time of year in Colorado! One minute it's 65 degrees and then an hour later it's this!

It's sort of a tradition that when it's crazy snow we walk down to Tony's for a drink.

A couple of DMs friends were also there. This is Mac and Christian.

DM is suckin' 'em down. He LOOOOOOOOVES Tony's!

We left the bar and yep, it was still snowing. Our house looks neat in this shot.

Cookie Puss on the 'nip.

We used to have one of those horrible 1970's era flourescent overhead lights in the kitchen. You know the ones- sort of a wooden box with a big piece of plastic over it and 4 long flourescent tubes inside. Yea. Gross. So I've been trying to come up with an inexpensive replacement. Something that we could either leave behind when we move cuz it's cheap, or something that wouldnt be too hard to take with us. I decided a colorful chandelier would be the thing. So we bought this lovely brass toned one for $10 at Habitat For Humanity's Restore. SOME of these stores around the country have really neat things- peoplel donate stuff from neat old vintage homes when they're renovated or get torn down. But alas, the Colorado Springs one does not.

I had some red spray paint that I was going to use on some other project that never got done and I can't remember now. Red! How exciting! So DM spray painted it.

Then after much cursing and fanfare, got it hung. The ceiling underneath the old fixture was super gross, as we expected. So he spackled all the holes and next weekend he's gonna paint it.

This is what he had to say about the experience.

The cats helped supervise the painting.

I dunno when this was but I thought it was amusing. BIG WET SNOW!

DM has been busy this week. When he's not out drinking with friends or hanging lamps or shoveling snow off my car, he's helping me revamp my plant growing center.
Some of my seedlings have really taken off so I needed to transplant them and of course then they didn't fit on the shelves anymore. So we had to redo the whole thing.

Peas are doing well. I had to trasplant some more of them today and I fear I may have hurt the little guys. I hope I didn't kill them!

Little mixed window box.

This is one sweet pea, one lima bean, and a whole bunch of tomatoes. I planted about 80 maybe? And so far most of them have made it. Shocking. BUT they don't look so good. They sure aren't growing very fast. Not nearly as fast as everything else. I have looked around and tried to figure out why and am sort of at a loss. Anyone have any ideas? I've thinned them out. I just today moved them closer to the lights. They were 4 or 5 inches below before and now they're more like 1 or 2 inches below. Also I wonder if they need more air. Usually we have a sheet hanging up around this shelf to keep the cats out and it seems airy in there but maybe it isn't. Maybe I need a little fan. Other than that, I got nothin'.

This bucket of wildflowers is utterly tempting to the cats. I kept finding them standing in it. The sheet system has helped a little bit but today I had to shore it up even more. I have no idea what is up with the wildflowers being so fun for them.

Sweet peas. They're looking a little weak and spindly. Today I moved them closer to the lights.

Green beans and purple beans. They look good so far, but we'll see. I've never had any luck with beans.

Remember my sagas with high altitude baking? Well, they're ongoing. I wrote a big long post about the latest installment over at Oinkety. Check it out!

This was a curry rice salad I used to always make but haven't in like 15 years. It was still delish!

It sounds a little strange but it's really good. Let me know if you make it!
See you next week!
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