TiNkA (tinka777) wrote,

OMG, it's been forever.

So instead of posting like a million pictures, I'm going to post some photos and then include links to
where there are longer posts on each subject. Exciting! Maybe you'll even comment over there!

I made a casserole a couple weeks ago. It was very time consuming and made a huge mess. But it was tasty!

DM has been doing lots of home improvement projects! And I've been doing some cooking. Also, DM has been watching hockey.

PJ is hanging in there.

We went to Union Station Bar one afternoon.

And we've been to The Olive Branch a few times. Here's one post about it and Pikes Perk.

I spent a few days in L.A. and had some really good food!

Had some ice cream at Josh And John's in downtown Colorado Springs.

I've been working hard on my seedlings so that I can have a nice garden this summer.

I tried to do this thing I keep reading about where you cook a chicken at the beginning of the week and use it all week for different recipes. It's supposed to save money. Here are two posts about it, just follow the link on this page for the previous post.


Had some dinner at Old Chicago the other night. It was tasty as usual. I was happy to see that they had Woodchuck amber cider on tap. It was good. The best of the Woodchuck's.

These cats are insane. I was filling their cat food containers with new food and they ran in like they'd never seen food before and started scarfing it out of the container. Never mind that they had two full bowls of food available.


Maybe I can get my butt in gear and post more often than once a month!
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