TiNkA (tinka777) wrote,

Lots of Pics

Well, I guess I haven't updated in a couple weeks. So here goes.

Remember Cookie Puss when he was a kitten scared of the shoes?

Just the other day he noticed some similar ones, "It's THOSE things again"

Woodchuck amber. That's the best one so far besides the Trader Joes pear one I had last year that I can't find here.

This dog is tired of always having to wait in the car. "What would happen if I just drove away?"

Cookie Puss likes to help with the plants.

A couple of weeks ago PJ got REALLY sick. We didn't think he would make it.

He did manage to eat a little but only tuna and only if we brought it over to him. He was very weak and unsteady.
It was Sunday or we would have taken him to the vet. I thought we were going to have to have him put to sleep and I didn't want that to happen at the ER because I hate the people at the ER. So I wanted him to be able to hang on till Monday. On Monday we did take him to the regular vet. He seemed to be feeling a little bit better so we weren't sure what to do. The vet gave him some extra fluids and a shot of some medication that would reduce any nausea he was having. Tuesday he started to feel slightly better, then Wednesday, etc. I had to go to L.A. on Friday so we brought him again for another shot to hold him over the weekend. He seemed to feel better but I wanted to be sure. By Saturday he was at about 70% and he kept feeling better. Dange took extra good care of him while I was gone and by the time I got back on Thursday he was pretty much back to about 95% which is where he's stayed since then. So, we'll see.

Here are some other random shots!
Chris watering the plants at his office.

Dad waiting outside the office for all the important work inside to be done so we could go have lunch.

My parent's yard and their pretty California plants!

When I got back from L.A. PJ was feeling a lot better.

There's some more stuff- posted over at Oinkety

An update on my plants.

Tasty items I've made.

Restaurants I've been to.

As well as some funny DM posts.

So go check it out and be sure to comment!
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