TiNkA (tinka777) wrote,

Some stuff I've done lately

Lots of pics so they're behind a cut.

Ok, so as you know, I mostly post the mundane aspects of my life over at www.oinkety.com
I guess they're all pretty mundane lately since I haven't posted here hardly at all!.
Here are a few pictures from the posts over there, so, you can decide if you want to go over there and read more!

My plants are doing well this year!

The kitties are doing well, too.

PJ is still with us!

I have a new favorite restaurant.

I've rediscovered middle eastern food.

But I still love burgers!

I've made some stuff at home.

Including homemade ice cream and chocolate sauce.

And pizzas on the grill.

I went to Palm Springs with The "Rents and my brother.

We had some great meals there.

I also spent some time in L.A.

Mike wrote about Rudy's BBQ.

And about fixing my car.

So go check it all out when you have a few moments of boredom and comment either here or there!
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