TiNkA (tinka777) wrote,

computer people

What's the deal with all the different kinds of processors nowadays? I need a new desktop and hope to spend about $550 for it (this should eliminate any "get a mac" comments, thanks). I don't need a monitor. I mainly do photoshop, web, streaming music, and email. That's really about it. I need speed for the photoshop stuff and lots of storage would be great but I also have a couple of external harddrives I can use when the main one gets full. Do I need a better video card or graphics whatever they call it nowadays?

They have this one at the local computer shop for $499.


What do you think? Is it junk?

I like my acer netbook, altho it crashed twice in the first two months I owned it. But it's been fine since then (last year).

Thanks in advance.
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